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Wecome to AID AID is a sub-division of Sansun Web Solutions. For more than 15 years, AID has helped customers leverage relevant corporate structures data to guide smarter business decisions. AID has dedicated research professionals working daily to verify the company information you rely on is Accurate, Complete and Timely. This commitment ensures our customers have relevant, actionable data for business development and sales, credit and collections, executive recruitment and more.

Internet Strategy

Our Strategy Team converts brand values into actionable brand behavior. We implement and measure e-business strategies to provide maximum exposure to consumers everywhere around the globe. Our strategy makes our clients thrive.

Mobile Marketing

With mobile search, your ads will display through search results performed on cell phones in order to expand your reach. By allowing your ads to travel wherever your customers go, the potential to promote your business is available anytime, anywhere.

Social Media

Being a social media marketing agency, we have developed a digital strategy to maximize your organization's engagement and benefit from this exciting and powerful communication platform, while complementing other digital marketing initiatives.


A major benefit of online and digital media is the ability to track audience response in real-time.. We have a best in class team that vigorously gathers data that we harness to improve the quality and results of our clients' internet marketing campaigns.


About Directories

AID Corporate directories includes various types of contact & departmental information related to a corporate company or association. Our directories can be made up of company names, designationwise concern person names, their phone numbers, email addresses, department of employ, position titles etc.

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Why Our Directories?

  • Improve supply chain management
  • Boost Sales Success
  • Connect with the right prospects